A cool design to aid saying “No” to race based on Col. 3:3. The shirt wearer is dead, shown by the skull, and not tempted from his course in life by the earthly in America, and wrapped in the flag, alive in the Christ Pantocrator crowned with nails.


Christ Pantocrator

a depiction of Christ Almighty. 

Basic skull in flag image:

Pixabay, flag1380609_1920

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As a Christian, one can experience race membership attribution as nothing but a situation of temptation. Race labelling, leveled at persons who are not appropriately described by it, is easy for the Christian to overcome, as a demand that one hand over direction of his life to another, and be something the other person believes in, even though the labelled person does not believe, or is not accurately described. Persons who are not 

Christians might experience such labelling as an overpowering command, and then adapt, in that they do not know or possess the basis for refusing, namely, a relationship to God in Christ, by which to experience and emanate their full dignity. A scripture useful for sluffing off race labelling as an attempt to control another, is present in the design “Life Hid in God.” Based on Colossians 3:3, 

you are dead: temptation is not a problem. Although most of the American society has embraced the notion that race membership is universal, your life has not been extinguished, nor become non-existent as they believe it is, but instead hid in God. Also, by multiple books of the Bible one can believe God will never leave you nor forsake you; so that you are also not alone.

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